We are lucky to have the very kind words of some of our beautiful supporters.

Here's what they had to say about our shows!

"It’s beautiful, funny and heart-tearing."

"I learned how to embrace my own emotional defence"

"You are one talented group of people. You made me actually cry with laughter (especially the hug section) and pulled me intro your loneliness world - I sobbed. Very moving. Your clowning and physicality is first class. Loved every minute xxx"

"I bought my family for my birthday and kids (19, 17, 12). I said jokingly ‘if there’s any crowd participation, I apologise in advance’. Actually, that was one of the bits I enjoyed the most!"

"The clown was brilliant & hilarious - particularly loved how the human connection were communicated subtly through the piece. i.e. comment on “Ross” after teddy was powerful. Liked the connection with music - at the mercy of Joe! Relatable contacts like trying to get out of cuddle. And eggs, hilarious!" 

"Dance pieces were perfect.

Excellent music too!"