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Group hug - Scratch performance at Alphabetti Theatre 7.9.18

‘The Art of Cuddling and Other Things.’ explores topics such as human touch, connection, loneliness and isolation using high level acrobatics, dance, theatre and music. Combining art forms to produce images that provoke us to look into both ourselves and each other.

This show is still in development.

We are working towards securing funding for the next phase of the project which will be creating a full length show.

We hope to have a regional tour by September 2019 in which we can access intimate and large scale venues and target audiences all of kinds.  

“This piece actually made me cry and laugh and s**t myself at the same time. Best show I’ve seen around here in years.” - Audience member

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The show educates audiences on the topic of touch, using acrobatics, dance, music and theatre. Displaying scientific facts and thought provoking images designed to make audiences feel. “The art of cuddling” explores the importance of human connection, leading us to reflect on our lives, our loved ones, the burdens we carry and the physical and emotional strength it takes to overcome them.