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Established in 2018 CIRC Motif creates engaging and innovative performances using multidisciplinary art forms such as circus, theatre, dance and music.

Based in the North East of England the company consists of Creative Director & Producer Hannah Thompson and a large collection of associate artists and creators.

CIRC Motif, meaning circus is our reoccurring theme and starting point, are passionate about creating high quality work in the North East drawing on the rich and multifaceted culture we house and develop here.

Our work stems from lived experiences and manifested dreams and realities that in one way or another tell a story that our audience can relate to and experience personally.

We aim to redefine what circus performance can look like, feel like.

We pride ourselves in making immersive work that needs no pre-requites to culture or art.

Want to know more? Contact us for a good craic on!

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